Focus on nationwide media

Would you want your brand or organisation to get continuous nationwide media coverage? Would you like to claim authority within your market? Would you like to work with people that continuously keep an eye on market developments in order to find out where there are opportunities for your brand or organisation? We have got a proven track record in generating monthly free publicity in nationwide media for top tier media and second tier media.

Continews Nationwide includes the following benefits:

  • Media attention every month

  • On average once a month of national media coverage and around 5 to 7 items in trade media

  • Two personal account managers

Your investment: from € 2.950 per month based on a twelve month subscription

Six month subscription: from € 3.450

What to expect:

  • Together, as a team, we determine which media we want to reach and create a press list. 

  • We develop a strategy together, discuss the right tone of voice and initial angles. 

  • Of course, we provide a tight schedule and an online environment to collaborate.

  • Every fortnight, we discuss progress.

  • We create all the copy for journalists.

  • We pitch news personally within our network of journalists.

  • We provide tight media monitoring. 

  • We handle incoming questions from journalists. 

  • Depending on the attention realised, we adjust our plans.

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