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dé VakantieDiscounter sells package holidays, with a focus on sun holidays both within and outside Europe. Countries such as Spain, Turkey and Greece are especially popular destinations. dé VakantieDiscounter also sells city trips and car holidays, for example, but this is not their core business.
Author ContiNews
Date 14 April 2022
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Name Laura Vlaanderen
Sector Reizen
Author ContiNews
Date 14 April 2022
Categorie References
Name Laura Vlaanderen
Sector Reizen

Continews and dé VakantieDiscounter started working together in 2019. Laura Vlaanderen, Teamlead contentmarketing, is pleased with their partnership: “As a result of working together with Continews, journalists will get to know you and your brand. And how good is it when a journalist starts approaching you proactively, instead of you having to send another press release to achieve this result?! This shows our Continews subscription truly offers added value. You achieve more, with less effort.”

dé VakantieDiscounter sells package holidays, with an emphasis on sun holidays within Europe as well as outside of Europe. Countries like Spain, Greece and Turkey in particular are popular destinations. dé VakantieDiscounter also offers city trips and car holidays, but that’s not their core business. 


Who does what with whom

Laura tells us the following: “We are very happy with our working relationship. I particularly enjoy their open attitude. We got in contact with Continews through our colleagues over at Vliegtickets.nl”, Laura explains. Just like dé VakantieDiscounter, Vliegtickets.nl is a subsidiary company of Otravo. “As Continews already did a lot of work for Vliegtickets.nl it was quite a no-brainer for us. Thanks to their work for Vliegtickets.nl they already had tourism experience and relationships with important journalists in the travel industry, which is a great benefit to us.”


The final destination

“We want to be mentioned in the nationwide media every month, the consumer media in particular. Our audience is tremendously broad. Anyone who is considering booking a package holiday is part of our target audience, whether they are young or old, or whether they travel by themselves or with groups of friends.”


It’s important for dé VakantieDiscounter to come up with accessible news, which will be picked up by big nationwide media like Het Algemeen Dagblad, de Telegraaf, the NOS and Editie NL. The information has to be easy to understand for everyone. “The Continews team helps us with creating this accessible news.” Laura adds: “With our Complete Subscription we aim to have media coverage each month and increase our visibility and brand awareness as a result. This is working very well for us and it creates continuity.”


Source of inspiration

dé VakantieDiscounter offers a good representation of the Dutch population, as the company has plenty of bookings in each demographic. As a result dé VakantieDiscounter is a valuable source for Dutch media.

Laura explains this as follows: “We’re one of the big boys in the travel industry, and as a result we are able to collect numbers and data very quickly. Media know these data are representative of the Dutch population as a whole. Offering content to media on a regular basis also contributed to us being seen as a valuable source. We achieved this together with the team from Continews.” 


Pleased with the result

“The result I remember most was an item about the popularity of the different local airports” Laura recalls. “We never expected this item to do so well. We definitely have the professionalism of the Continews team to thank for this.”

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